Public auditors and tax consultants

Mr Burkhardt Feldmann, Dipl. Kfm.
(Graduate in Business Administration)

Public auditor and tax consultant

Professional background

  • Philipps University, Marburg
  • International consulting and auditing firm, Hamburg
  • Appointment in 2011 as a tax consultant at the Hamburg Chamber of Tax Consultants
  • Appointment as a public auditor in 2012 at the Hamburg Chamber of Public Auditors
  • Member of the Board of a medium-sized consulting and auditing firm, Hamburg, until 2014
  • Co-founder of a medium sized tax consulting firm in 2014, Hamburg
  • Successful completion of exam for expert consultant in international tax law in February 2018, Munich
  • Founder of Kanzlei Feldmann in 2018, Hamburg

Personal information

Coming from a family of Hamburg seafarers, I spent the first years of my life in Schleswig-Holstein. Due to my desire to seek out new discoveries, I went into the Navy after finishing my A levels and worked on board a frigate bound for Africa for several months. After returning home and successfully finishing my studies in Marburg, I returned to my family roots, to the city of Hamburg. I maintained my connection to water by going sailing occasionally.


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